I specialize in arts & culture journalism— reviews, criticism, interviews, and profiles of creatives. My journalistic work has appeared in Vogue, Bookforum, Juxtapoz, GARAGE, Malibu Magazine, Autre, Surface, and others. Below are some recent (and not-so-recent) clips.


We the Women Hosted an Intimate Dinner and Performance in NYC to Celebrate Women in the Arts // Vogue, October 2019

Bookforum talks with Kimberly King Parsons // Bookforum, September 2019

Bookforum talks with T Kira Madden // Bookforum, April 2019

Bookforum talks with Chelsea Hodson // Bookforum, July 2018

An Interview with Renowned French Artist JR // Juxtapoz, July 2018

How to Make Valentine's Day in NYC a Cultural Affair // GARAGE, February 2018

THE UNDERSIDE OF GLAMOUR: An Interview with Artforum Cover Artist Kia LaBeija // Autre, January 2018 (also featured in spring 2018 print issue)

Music Written for the Broken Instruments that Public Schools Couldn't Afford to Fix: With "Symphony for a Broken Orchestra," David Lang and Temple Contemporary are bringing new hope to arts education in Philadelphia. // GARAGE, December 2017

BETSEY JOHNSON: Cherry Colored Funk // Malibu Magazine, July/August 2017 (text by Annabel Graham, photographed by Jonathan Chu). In print. Purchase issue here.

Temples' James Bagshaw on his band's nostalgic futurism and new album Volcano // Malibu Magazine, March/April 2017 (text by Annabel Graham, photographed by Jason Hetherington). In print. Purchase issue here.

An Interview with Leopoldine Core (by Annabel Graham, T Kira Madden & Justine Champine) // No Tokens, 2017. Also in print.

REVIEW: Gaspar Noé's "Love" in 3D // Autre, 2015 (Warning: NSFW)

THE THINGS HE CARRIED: An Interview with Maximum Henry // Autre, 2013

PRESCHOOL TINTORETTO: An Interview with Adam Green // Autre, 2013


THE MEDIUM IS THE MEDIUM: An Interview with Winston Chmielinski // Autre, 2012

SUCK THEM IN WITH BEAUTY, KNOCK THEM OUT WITH THE TRUTH: An Interview with Kathe Burkhart // Autre, 2012

CHANTEUSE FATALE: An Interview with Sophie Auster // Autre, 2012

MAN ON FIRE: An Interview with Chris Duffy following the Brian Duffy Retrospective // Autre, 2012

DANGER AND DESIRE: An Interview with Elizabeth Harper of Class Actress // Autre, 2012 (also in print in AUTRE ISSUE 2: The Future is Now, 2012)

REVIEW: Augustin Doublet's Short Film "Vanishing Point" // Autre, 2012

MODERN-DAY DANDY: An Interview with Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay // Autre, 2011

An Interview with French psychedelic band Open Space & Stars // Autre, 2011 (originally published in print in AUTRE ISSUE 1: The Rebellion Issue, 2011)


AUSTIN PSYCH FEST: A Review & Interview with Christian Bland of The Black Angels // Autre, 2011

MODEL AS MUSE: The Kate Moss Portfolio at Danziger Projects // Autre, 2011

REVIEW: R. Crumb, Lines Drawn on Paper // Autre, 2011

REVIEW: Cults, "You Know What I Mean" // Autre, 2011